MR340 - the Congratulations Edition

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To the Goddesses of the Missouri River
Forget all the races seen on TV. Raceowl is the future, especially if the B-Sisters are on the track. Great race girls. When do you start again? Ok, 2-3 days of recuperation and then in 40h the whole way back, right? ;–) — Jens Carroll

How high is the prize money? Are they going directly into retirement? — Onkel Ürgen

Wow, that is awesome!! — Tom Klingensmith

The Blistered-Sisters
Hammermäßige Leistung!!! Jump jump jump jump around! :–) — Nina (Schatz) Bodenberger

MR340 - Mom, Where’s the Bathroom??

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Getting Close Now..

An email from my MellowNiece sent shortly after they checked out at Klondike said:

Auntie Jody and Mamma have requested that I email you and let you know that they have reached Klondike park which is the last checkpoint. They have 28 miles left and plan to cross the finish line in St. Charles at 1:00 am! So 8:00 am your time!

And didn’t I just say…

So come to the river you’ll see what I mean
The Blistered Sisters blast downstream
While all the others moan and cry
Chicks paddledaddle right on by…

Well, Here They Are

Sixty-four and a half hours later…1st Place Women’s Tandem. :–)

It’s a damned good thing my eyes popped open at 7:16 cause when I hopped out of bed I hardly had time to find my teacup, check RaceOwl and pickup the phone to call the Blistered Mama before they were sliiiiid’n over the finish line. All of Germany was bouncing around like the Dallas Cowboy Cheerleaders (but with grey hair and wearing ratty old bathrobes).

And their overall score looks pretty impressive too. Out of 228 boats checked in at Lexington, the Sisters came in #70.

Congratulations, Sisters. You’re the cat’s meow!

MR340 - Hermann Check-in

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Look at those girls go! They are hurtin but they are “gettin up and walking on it”! Out of all the parental wisdom our folks gave us over the years, who knew that bit would be the one to follow us through our lives?

MR340 - How to Follow the Sisters

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So, this was Jens’ good idea. Use the a close-by paddler’s gps to find out approximately where the Blistered Sisters are on the river. Works like this:

Click the footprint off to the right – it’s tracking Team York/Sailer but they’re close to the Sisters – at least they left the last checkpoint at the same time. But look, Team York Sailer is paddling a little bit faster on average…

When you look at this map and shove it around a little bit, you see the next check-in at Hermann and you can see where Team Yourk/Sailer is – the Sisters are probably a little bit behind them based on their average speed.

MR340 - Noren Access Check-in

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So, I missed the screenshot for Katfish Katy’s because I rebooted my computer and while I did you ladies paddled your way right into Jeff City. So you see, all of Germany IS watching! *waves enthusiastically*

Back in first place sisters, bet you’re sleeping and fixing your lipstick about now.

You chicks are magic paddlers. When I looked earlier you were in 70th place. Now, three hours later, you’re snoring in a hotel room somewhere (like in the shower…) and your overall position is improving! That’s what I call dreaming!

MR340 - Miami Check-in

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I slept through Waverly but here’s Miami…

Sleeping, eating and girly-primping allowed only while in 1st place. A glimpse of the Blistered Sister Master Plan.

MR340, Rescheduled and Ready!

All excited and ready to go!

The Blistered Sisters are completing some final preparations and feeling ready to get started on this event! Lord knows we’ve been working towards it since January … our poor mates have had to put up with the constant discussion and obsession around gear, training, diet and mental toughness! Start time, 8 am tuesday morning!

Once again, here’s the way to follow us, and keep an interested eye on the forum too.


RaceOwl is where our checkpoint information goes, you can see our average speed, where we last checked in and when we might check in next. Our boat is #4611.

Anyone interested in following Councilman Dave Mosby, his boat is #1028

Google Map?

Here’s a cool google map link — you can find us on race owl then look at the map. It actually opens up at “Booger Bend”, but go back east until you see KC and Kaw Point, that’s our start.

Checkpoints and Cut-off Times

Clicking to enlarge…

And finally, here’s a list of the check points and cut off times via pdf.

Kelley and Russ are the Ground Crew .. my mom and the kids will be wandering with us as well.

Hugs to all,
The Blistered Sisters …