Training Just Got Serious

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6 am. Thats early. Even if you are super smart in the morning, and love the mornings, like I do — 6 am is still early. But there we were, sitting in front of Jenny. Jenny did not seem to notice the early hour, she was all about our initial assessment, measuring this, counting that.. you know the drill. BS3 and I took turns “winning” in the numbers. I did more push-ups, she did more crunches, our resting heart rate was almost exactly equal, but my recovery was faster. She had more hamstring flexibility. The list goes on. The big question? Oh yea.. even steven. We weigh exactly the same. BUT because she’s 3 inches taller than me, her BMI is “normal” while mine, well, it’s not really. Normal that is. I blame it on the ice cream milkshakes I had for breakfast when I was ten. But that’s another story.

We are planning and talking about exercise philosophy, times to work out, cardio and strength combination workouts when Jenny-the-Trainer asks me where I work.
“Oh, down on the plaza..”

“Really,” she asks, “where on the plaza?”
“American Century Investments” I say. “Oh my gosh” Jenny laughs, “me too!” and I think I’m being funny when I say, “Well that’s crazy, how come I don’t know you?”

Jenny is fast. Instantly, she says “Because apparently you never come to the gym! I’ve been there over a year, 3 days a week, and now I’m expecting to see you there as well!” I could only shake my head at the grin on her face, she was pretty pleased with herself. I figure I’d best just give in and go to her classes, right?

And the accountability of this project just up’d it’s ante.

I’m sure that one of the coolest things in the universe is to watch it spin around and let you off at exactly the right open door when the worthy goal / objective / opponent rises up in front of you. Here’s one more from Jenny .. she’s already got a regular guy on Tuesday mornings, and yep. He’s paddled the MR340 before. We’ll be working out with him every week.

This is gonna be so great… !

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