Water Aerobics?

Category: MR340, Training

Trainer Jenny says, “Take a few fitness classes and see what you like.”

I studiously review my options and how each class may or may not fit into my schedule. Water aerobics. Yes. I can do that. So, I attend the 10am “advanced” class because I’m all that and I remember a friend telling me it is a butt kicker.

When I get there I’m the youngest in the pool by at least 20 years. Yep, it’s me and the grandmas. Butt kicker. So I strike up a conversation with “grandma” about how I’ve heard this class is quite difficult.

“Oh no. Not this class. It’s the Tuesday / Thursday 10am class that is really hard.”

Truth be told, I did huff and puff a bit, which speaks to my endurance ability. All told, I think my shoulders will be tired for a while. That is, at least until I put a glass of wine in one hand and begin my evening curling exercises!

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