Training Report: Legs of Jelly

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Jody says:

Ok, I’m on my own at the trainer yesterday with our pal Wayne (who finally registered for the race too !) Bad idea, Jenny-the-Trainer was quite focused on just the two of us, would have been nice to have a third to distract her. However, Jane is off on a week-long workout at the Winter training camp in Cancun… sigh.

It was a “legs day” — which in Jenny’s terms means by the end of the hour you are essentially attempting to walk on stumps of jelly. Good lord. I’m pretty sure that because Jane was on the beach somewhere, I got extra sets of wretchedly “good for me” exercises to ensure several hours of wobbliness would follow.

And indeed, Jenny was 110% successful. I staggered around for most of the day at my office with a grimace I hoped passed for a casually friendly smile, and managed to not fall down the stairs, I’m glad of a day of workout rest for today, planning just the treadmill for cardio later.

Sooooo, Jenny asked if I’d been logging my food intake. Well, sort of.

I’ve been logging what I want to admit to eating of course, but her job is to help me physically prepare for an endurance event and that includes making sure my body has the right fuel to build muscle and recover from the strenuous workouts. As a vegetarian it’s even more important to understand the complexities of protein sources and how to best eat what my body needs. Mind you, being a vegetarian does not exclude me from longing for the mid day chocolate fix, the delicious bean nachos that I can get every Thursday at my company’s cafeteria, and I can certainly go an entire day without a single serving of fruit.

You’ll hear more about all that later, suffice to say that sitting here on my aching and seemingly gelatinous hiney, I am grudgingly trying to recall everything I ate yesterday.

Accountability, everyone… it’s the key to making permanent change.

Wonder what Jane is doing right now ?

Yes, what ever could she be doing?  Good question photo credit: Angelapea_98 via photopin cc

My cardio consists of laps in the infinity pool, and jumping over crashing waves in the ocean. I am not seriously burnt and I am also NOT wearing a tshirt – don’t tell Mom. There is a very nice work-out facility. Our friend Mike has even been there, but not me. I can’t make myself go there – give me water to work out in.

And as for my sister’s jel-legs, Jenny has already promised me a make up session. So, I will surely suffer my solo session – and then die.

Nutrition? I am currently eating homemade guac and bagel chips for breakfast, but first a sliced apple smothered in strawberry yogurt. Truth be told, the four of us visited a grocery store on day-1 and dropped 2,000 pesos ($175 USD) stocking up our kitchen. We have eaten well and it’s fun to see all the variations we can make from a limited selection of ingredients.

If anything we are protein heavy on this side of the earth. Fish tacos at a little joint down the street, sea bass and organic eggs benedict with salmon instead of ham at the snooty restaurant on the resort. Maybe we can combine our nutrition list and Jenny will be pleased.

It’s a good life. Not as good as the guy from Ontario that we met at the common grilling station. He and his wife come here on Jan 15 and leave on Feb 15…every year. Dang. That sounds great!

Oh wait…this post is supposed to be about cardio. Guess I’d better hit the pool. Happy Hump Day!

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