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Training for any endurance event is not complete, nor is it the honest athlete who says it is, without some procrastination. And for this, I am responsible. Today, I come bearing a silly cat video: Ferocious Cat Battles the Mailman Through the Mail Slot.

Come crastinate with me, Sisters!

Your Routine (should you choose to accept it)

  1. Jump rope for 1 minute.
  2. Watch video while catching your breath.
  3. Laugh – and laugh loud. Go ahead, that’s part of it.
  4. Wiping your eyes, check underneath your desk. Maybe you left your composure under there somewhere.
  5. Jump rope for another ninety seconds (sounds shorter, doesn’t it?)
  6. Repeat – three times. Really, it’s that funny.

Later this afternoon, don’t miss the chance to cruise around the office and show it to three of your friends or even a random colleague or two. See how long it takes you to convince them that jumping rope is part of the fun…

Today’s Procrastinatory Media

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