Buying Our First Kayak

Category: Gear

OK .. so, today is the BIG day. By big day I mean, a day for BIG SPENDERS ! Yep .. heading to KC Paddler to order the kayak, get the life vests and paddles too. I’m a little nervous, admittedly. Ground Crew Cap’n and beloved partner is coming with us and we’ll meet another paddler, Gina Bradley for breakfast first. Gina is a year ahead of us… she paddled tandem with her trainer last year for the first time, and finished so of course we are hanging on her every word. But what’s really cool is that she’s shopping for a solo kayak today, which means that she’s enjoying the sport enough to do it even more frequently. I’d say that’s probably where Jane and I want to get to as well, that we begin to incorporate this as an ongoing enjoyable and keep-fit activity.

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