Daring to Dare Greatly Too

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photo credit: marie-ll via photopin cc

First let me say: Hey, I too am reading “Daring Greatly”, but I don’t think I mentioned it to Jody. Funny how we find ourselves in similar pickles about vulnerability and living life well.

My particular pickle is how to balance my need to “light my hair on fire” as my favorite therapist says and live a life I can look back and be proud of. 2013 was a tremendous year for my business, but in taking on such a new and time consuming challenge as the light-my-hair-on-fire 340, how do I continue to grow my company and see my hubbie / kids and have girlfriends and finish the race well?

Some solutions include adding a salesperson to my office team. Well, it was an office solo till now. Maybe we are an office tandem. She is covering bases for me and I’m putting some of my time for training.

So back to the vulnerability piece. I was nervous letting someone into my private little corporate world. I have shortfalls…lots of them and she will see every one. Eeeek! But through “Daring Greatly”, I’m learning not to sweat it so much. Already, some systems are tighter and more effective and my tandem girl is making a terrific contribution.

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