How Is Swimming Like Paddling

Category: Training

Now for training… If you’ve read the blog to know I spent time swimming laps in Cancun while Jenny the trainer was torturing Jody in my absence, you know swimming is my favorite form of exercise. Here’s the interesting thing I’m discovering: As I swim about a mile in laps twice a week, my inner talk is changing.

Jenny speaks of putting your mind where the muscle is to maximize the efficiency of the work out. I’ve been working on that for a couple weeks now, concentrating on a certain set of muscles depending on the stroke I’m swimming.

Before now, I swam because I love it, now I’m learning to swim for strength. And I love that too. My strokes are longer, faster and exhilarating…at least in my own mind. That’s enough to start with as I begin to think of paddle strokes in concert with my swim strokes.

Long, even and strong. Nice!

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