The 2014 Epic Shootout Race - Things We Learned

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My general feeling after paddling 50 miles was that I could absolutely get back in the boat and keep going.

Yesterday [1] at the Shootout Race… Well, we learned a few things like :

  • Our training partner, Wayne paddles much faster than we do. Maybe we need some technique lessons? Because we can’t figure out how anyone could possibly be faster than the Blistered Sisters.

  • We should really have a better handle on the river markers and what they mean. Once we lost our pal Gina-with-the-GPS we were left to guess about where the channel was the fastest. And we had to rely on those silly markers…of which we didn’t really know the meaning.

  • GPS and Tunes are a must…we’ll have both next time.

  • We need to discuss the rhythm of paddling vs resting. What worked and what didn’t? How do we make the most of our resting times so we can make the most of our paddling times? Because when we both paddled and got into a good flow, it was fun and productive. Paddling alone sucks. So, do we both rest at the same time, one of us eating, drinking, making merry while the other is peeing, sunscreening, texting the ground crew? If so, is this a scheduled rest or do we fly by the seat of our pants?

  • If we ever create a band it will be called “Ginger del Fuego and the Blistered Sisters”

  • I think our motto should be: “I feel more like I do than I did when I got here.” (stolen from a tee shirt in Destin, FL)

This morning, I can tell you I’m sore in my shoulders and a bit in my waist on the back side. My general feeling after paddling 50 miles was that I could absolutely get back in the boat and keep going. I wasn’t totally spent, although I didn’t think it was easy either.

So, in prep for next time…I’ll be mindful of being more rested going in (cause I came home and crashed hard at 9pm), and really watching my nutrition to make sure my body is fueled correctly. I’d planned to buy a pizza for dinner, but then decided to make egg salad on toast and sautéed zucchini. Delicious! Pizza would have been a mistake. My body needed real food to replenish itself.

[1] My blistered sisters turned in their blog posts with the correct time-based grammer, like: “Yesterday we learned”, I took an eternity to get them online. Sorry ‘bout that. (-Nancy)

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