2014 Shootout Race Photos (Part 1)

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This is the man responsible for that special Blistered brand of Stoicism, otherwise known as “Daddy” – at Kaw Point the day before Epic Shootout — this is the launch/starting point. Looks pretty calm.

So .. we went into the Epic Shootout with three goals.

1) Finish 2) Don’t finish last 3) Still like each other at the end.

We did all of those….

We are queued up and ready to launch. Nervous.

That grimace of disgust on Jane’s face was captured perfectly by our premier photographer — Kelley (the) Angel!

Ok, this one is classic. Look at her face as Jane says under her breath.. “Omg, I didn’t even THINK I’d be getting WET! She cracks me up – “BigMuddy” scored yet another mud-virgin. Really though, there are no words to express the quality of the goo you step in and you can’t rinse off in the water either – it’s nearly as muddy as your foot!

That’s me! Gleefully waving.. and yep, my foot is out, and I am trying to rinse that goopy mud off too…

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