2014 Shootout Race - Photos (Part 2)

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Off we go!

Kelley (Ground Crew Cap’n and Photographer Extraordinaire) was correct when she informed me our water was in 2 single liter bottles w squeeze tops (with a gallon jug for refill) as we’d probably not be able to lift a gallon of water to drink out of it. Wise woman, my girl!

We’ll be figuring out a hydration system before the Freedom Race in June. And we’ll be learning what food can withstand a hot ziplock. We offer the results of our experiment up to the scientific kayak community: M&Ms can, peanut butter chips in your trail mix — cannot.

You guessed it.. at this point we are pretty sure we are not only last, but the only live beings on the river…

Although had resigned ourselves to being last, simply because you can’t see any further ahead/behind than about 15 minutes of paddling so were pleasantly surprised when we learned of the 3-4 still behind us.

Rounding the corner to the finish ramp.

Even a novice like me knows you can’t just “drive into” the ramp with the current behind you. (Bam!) You have to circle around and sneak up on the shore, away from the current. All those people standing around on shore though reminded me of attempting to park the floatboat in strong winds. Everyone in the cove would be watching but pretending not to.. :–)

What a great thing it was though to have our crew whooping it up and hollering for us every chance they got … Even Dad hung in there all day, despite a wicked sunburn to his face (not sure the man knows what sunscreen is…you see now why we credit him with inventing the Blistered brand of Stoicism?) There were welcoming hands to help us from the kayak at the end, and even to help haul it up and load when we were ready.

And finally .. here we are. Blistered Sisters and pal Gina.. who paddled solo and gave us a nice GPS track for the first half of the race.

Grand day, weather wise, and our gear is coming together nicely. We’ll do our first night time paddle on Friday evening, with pals Wayne and Gina on a local lake.

I love seeing the training run postings out on www.rivermiles.com forum. I think we’ll try to get in on some of those as well.

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