MR340 - Mom, Where's the Bathroom??

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Getting Close Now..

An email from my MellowNiece sent shortly after they checked out at Klondike said:

Auntie Jody and Mamma have requested that I email you and let you know that they have reached Klondike park which is the last checkpoint. They have 28 miles left and plan to cross the finish line in St. Charles at 1:00 am! So 8:00 am your time!

And didn’t I just say…

So come to the river you’ll see what I mean
The Blistered Sisters blast downstream
While all the others moan and cry
Chicks paddledaddle right on by…

Well, Here They Are

Sixty-four and a half hours later…1st Place Women’s Tandem. :–)

It’s a damned good thing my eyes popped open at 7:16 cause when I hopped out of bed I hardly had time to find my teacup, check RaceOwl and pickup the phone to call the Blistered Mama before they were sliiiiid’n over the finish line. All of Germany was bouncing around like the Dallas Cowboy Cheerleaders (but with grey hair and wearing ratty old bathrobes).

And their overall score looks pretty impressive too. Out of 228 boats checked in at Lexington, the Sisters came in #70.

Congratulations, Sisters. You’re the cat’s meow!

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