About the Blistered Sisters

This is me, Nancy and I know it might look like I’m the sporty one thanks to that stylin brace on my hand, but alas: I’m a poseur. So, before you get the wrong idea lemme just go ahead and admit up front that I sprained my thumb one wild weekend in Berlin. That brace and I are good friends now.

I’m the sister with the technical chops. (Yes, that’s right, you might even know me and the surprises just keep on coming, don’t they?) So, if you have problems or complaints about the site address’em to me: .

I’m also the sister who lives in Germany and for this reason I am the (self-proclaimed) leader of the Blistered Sisters 2014 MR340 Virtual Ground Crew.

Virtual Ground Crew?

Yep. We don’t have to cook, drive, haul, set up tents, tear down tents, or otherwise strain ourselves much at all and will therefore be free to sit on the Marktplatz in the soft summer evening, amidst medevial Fachwerk with a glass of wine to cheer the US of A on in their World Cup quest to prove that all those soccer moms, all those years, simply can’t be wrong. I say _we_ because I will find myself in the company of another member of the virtual ground crew who is otherwise known as Marathon Niece. (Eat your heart out, Dustin Hoffman) She rather cleverly escaped cooking, driving, hauling, etc. by having the foresight to graduate from high school and plan a visit to Auntie Nancy this summer. Good job, kid!

In between games, I know I will be three-hundred thirty-two shades of envy-green. Please don’t tell the blistered ones - I don’t want to slow ‘em down worrying about whether I’m really going to spend 88 hours prune-ing and pouting in the bathtub. I might… It depends on the outcome of the game.

Introducing My In-Credible Sisters

Now you see why they are the ones with the blisters? It’s cause they are both “IN” and credible. Look at ‘em - if those ladies say the MR340 is a done deal - then just meet’em in St. Charles with a bottle of wine, cause that’s where they’ll be and that’s what they’ll need.

Jody Carroll

So here’s how it all started. Last summer Jane gave me barefoot water-skiing lessons for my birthday - see above for the short version of how it went. Believe it or not, we had so much fun trying that we went back for more. After that, we agreed that our “core was sorely lacking in strength” and we would “uh, work on that…” over the winter.

With that in mind, I came up with the idea that paddling would improve our core strength and thought “Oh yea, there’s that big race on the Missouri River in the summer. Maybe we should do that?”

A little research later, I was just crazy enough to suggest it. “You know, Jane, paddling the 2014 MR340 would require some extensive training and hey now, THAT would result in amazing abs and incredible core strength.”

We whispered about it for several weeks, trying to figure out what, should we actually decide to do it, were we getting ourselves into? And were we sure we wanted to attempt a 340 mile river race across the state of Missouri?

But the short of it is that we ARE just crazy enough to do it.

We planned a “Show’em we mean bidness” 20 mile paddle on the 19th of December. And then the Universe chose the 19th of December to show us it meant bidness too. The weather, 50 degrees, the use of a canoe complete with life-jackets and brand new paddles fells into our lap (well, sort of), there were not even _too many_ icebergs that day at Lake Lotatwana.

Off we went to initiate ourselves. Stroke! Stroke! Stroke! Four and a half hours later we had tested our resolve, our stamina and our sanity — and we liked what we saw.

In a move clearly intended to set the tone, we marched ourselves right off the water that afternoon and into the tail-end of a meeting where our [potential sponsor](http://cityofls.net/Parks.aspx) was just wrapping-up.

The good news for us? He liked what he saw too!

You know what we noticed? The minute we we started telling people our plan, holding each other accountable for some form of daily exercise (Jane’s idea of fun is working our way up to a 5 minute plank!) and preparing for the challenge in front of us – we’ve both noticed feeling a little differently about ourselves. We are expecting just a little more from 2014, getting a little more organized, thinking a little more clearly about priorities and finding ways to slip in an extra 10-15 minutes of cardio or yoga, one more set of push-ups, sit-ups or crunches.

Cheering each other on inspires us both and we are well on our way to successfully paddling “the longest river race in the world”!

Jane Monroe

Maybe this will be the place where Jane will tell us the story about how Jody overlooked a hole in the canoe on that initiation voyage and then accused HER of letting so much water drip from her paddle while crossing the boat that they had to actually bail.

Bail? That sounds like work.

Who bails? Enquiring minds with just the right perspective might get a hint from this video…

Opening text: “Honey, with this video, I want to show you that the vacuum cleaner doesn’t work.”

Closing text: “Sorry, honey, but it just won’t start.”